Wrongful Termination Statute of Limitations in California

What is a Statute of Limitations? As an employment attorney, I've seen the consequences of overlooking statutory deadlines. It can lead to the loss of the right to seek justice. Below we’ll clarify these essential timeframes, equipping you with the knowledge to ensure that if you are wrongfully terminated in California, you do not miss […]
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How to Report Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Addressing sexual harassment in the workplace can be difficult and complicated, but is necessary to create a respectful and safe environment in the workplace. For those experiencing or witnessing this type of harassment, understanding how to report it and where to find help is foundational to reaching a resolution. Confidentiality and support are important when […]
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California SB 497: California Labor Code Changes for 2024

The new California law, Senate Bill (SB) No. 497, also known as the Equal Pay and Anti-Retaliation Protection Act, was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom on October 8, 2023. SB 497 amends the state’s Labor Code Sections of 1197.5, 1102.5 and 98.6. The new law will go into effect on January 1, 2024. Now is […]
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Verbal Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The #MeToo movement has shed a lot of light on the wrongful treatment people have endured in the workplace. Even so, there are some forms of sexual harassment that today's employees may not know violate state laws. This includes verbal sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be verbal, and it can violate California's workplace laws. If […]
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