California Whistleblower Laws

California Whistleblower Law protects employees who report violations of law or safety hazards at work. The law prohibits employers from retaliating against whistleblowers, such as firing, demoting, or reducing pay. Here's a quick breakdown of what California Whistleblower Laws cover: Protected Activities: Reporting violations of state or federal law, refusing to participate in illegal activity, […]
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Sexual Harassment Statute of Limitations in California

California law has significantly extended the statute of limitations for filing sexual harassment claims to three years. This change aims to give victims more time to seek justice, reflecting a progressive approach towards supporting those affected by workplace harassment. This article explores the implications of this extended filing period, key exceptions, and the accountability it […]
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Workplace Bullying in California: Is it Illegal?

Workplace bullying in California encompasses a range of abusive conduct aimed at belittling, intimidating, or undermining an individual or group. Unlike the more overt forms of workplace harassment that are explicitly illegal under California and federal law, bullying can be subtle and insidious, often flying under the radar of legal scrutiny, since there is no […]
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Wrongful Termination Statute of Limitations in California

What is a Statute of Limitations? As an employment attorney, I've seen the consequences of overlooking statutory deadlines. It can lead to the loss of the right to seek justice. Below we’ll clarify these essential timeframes, equipping you with the knowledge to ensure that if you are wrongfully terminated in California, you do not miss […]
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