The hospitality industry is a vibrant part of many communities throughout California. Local residents and tourists alike enjoy the wide range of entertainment choices that are available throughout the state. It is common for workers in the hospitality and restaurant industry to rely on tips and gratuities as a major part of their livelihood. If you receive tips for your hard work, it is important for you to know that your employer is not entitled to take a cut of your tip money.

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At the Law Offices of Jeremy Pasternak in San Francisco and Los Angeles, we are committed to helping workers get all of the money that they have earned. Tip pooling is a common practice in the restaurant industry. Workers may voluntarily agree to share tips and employers may legally require servers and other employees to pool tips. Kitchen workers and other staff may be included in a tip sharing arrangement. However, an employer is not allowed to take any portion of a worker’s tip money, including a manager who has the authority to hire or fire workers. If you believe your employer is unlawfully keeping any part of your hard-earned tips, we are here to help.

California law prohibits employers from:

  • Sharing tip money left by a patron for one or more employees
  • Taking wage deductions from tips and gratuities
  • Using tips as a credit against hourly wages to offset your pay

In today’s economy, many tabs are paid using credit or debit cards. Employers have a duty to pay workers no later than the next regular pay day when a patron adds a tip to the tab when using a credit card. Similarly, the employer cannot charge workers any portion of processing fees. Workers are entitled to the entire amount left by the patron as a tip.

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At the Law Offices of Jeremy Pasternak, we have been fighting for workers’ rights in San Francisco for 20 years. If your manager is denying you the money you have earned, our attorneys are prepared to step in to help you get the money you have earned.

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