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Juggling schedules with work and family responsibilities is difficult under most circumstances. But, being told that you have to choose between keeping your job and attending to a personal or family medical emergency can be daunting. That is why California state laws and the federal government provide workers with job protection when pregnancy or a serious personal or family medical issue requires a worker to take leave from work. Employees also may have the right to take personal leave as a reasonable accommodation for a disability under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

The Family And Medical Leave Act Is Not The Only Source Of Job-Protected Leave

California workers need to know that the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is not the only source of protection if they need to take time off from work. Several state and federal laws may come into play to protect your job — and your ability to get the relief you need. We will evaluate your unique circumstances and explain your rights under an array of laws related to medical leave and disability accommodations.

Expecting mothers generally understand that they have the right to take job-protected leave related to the pregnancy or when adopting a child. Pregnancy leave rights are vital for new parents to start off on the right foot. Fortunately, California law gives new parents a great deal of protection — state laws concerning pregnancy leave and pregnancy disability leave are generous. However, employers oftentimes confuse the rules or outright deny a worker their right to take leave. We take pregnancy and California medical leave issues seriously.

Far too often, employers look to federal law to evaluate whether an employee is entitled to leave. As full-service employment law and disability discrimination lawyers, we can evaluate your unique circumstances and help you get the job-protected leave to which you are entitled under all of the laws. Do not rely on the response of your boss or the human resources department. They often are not aware of all the laws that apply. Just because you are not entitled to time off under one law does not mean you are not entitled to time off under another law.

We stand strong against employers who violate the rights of workers. That includes seeking justice when an employer unlawfully retaliates against a worker for asking for, or taking FMLA, pregnancy or disability leave.

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