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Holding Employers Accountable for Unlawful Retaliation

In general, California is an at-will employment law state. That means your employer may fire you with little or no reason at all. But the at-will employment doctrine is far from absolute. State and federal laws prohibit employers from firing a worker in retaliation for exercising a legal right. Retaliation complaints are fairly common across the country. Managers and businesses frequently take adverse action against workers, despite the existence of workers’ rights laws.

The most common form of retaliation is wrongful termination. However, any adverse employment decision that impacts the terms and conditions of your employment may constitute unlawful retaliation. California companies have a duty to maintain a workplace free from discrimination, harassment and unsafe conditions. Similarly, if you have a medical condition that impacts one or more major life activities, you have the right to ask for reasonable accommodations to allow you to continue to work without being retaliated against for doing so.

Acts Of Unlawful Retaliation Come In Many Forms

Unfortunately, California employers frequently retaliate against workers who complain about unsafe conditions, unfair pay, illegal activities such as fraud, discrimination, harassment, as well as against workers who request disability accommodations, pregnancy leave, or family and medical leave. If you believe that you have been denied a promotion, demoted, fired, transferred to an unfavorable job or faced other action as punishment for exercising a legal right, consult with a qualified employment law attorney as soon as possible to learn about your rights and how to protect them.

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The Law Offices of Jeremy Pasternak in San Francisco and Los Angeles is a premier employment law firm that is driven to vindicate the employment law rights of its clients. Our principal attorney has devoted his entire career to helping workers understand and stand up for their rights. We will intently listen to your legal problem and provide straightforward answers to your concerns. Our practical approach to solving employment law problems is backed by trial-proven skills to help you get your life back on track. The law protects your rights as an employee. We can provide you with a strong voice in negotiations or court to vindicate your rights. To contact a lawyer who focuses exclusively on providing employment law solution, call 415-693-0300 or send us a message online for a free consultation.


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