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California law provides great protection for workers against unlawful discrimination. Acts of discrimination in the workplace that are motivated by animus based on disability, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, size, age, and other protected classes is unlawful at any level of employment. All workers are protected against employment discrimination — from entry-level workers to top-tier executives. Talk with our lawyers to learn more about your right to be free from workplace discrimination.

Discrimination Can Occur Without Wrongful Termination

Many people believe that anti-discrimination laws only apply if a worker loses his or her job. However, employers are prohibited from discriminating at every stage of the employment process. That runs from the hiring stage to wrongful termination. In between these stages of employment, discrimination can take the form of adverse decisions related to promotions or demotions; disparities in training, pay or discipline; or other terms and conditions of employment. Often, adverse employment decisions are the result of unlawful retaliation. In many ways, California law provides workers with greater protection than federal law. For example, targeting high-end wage earners to reduce costs can easily result in termination of older workers. This is unlawful under California law, but generally is not under Federal law.

Taking Personal Leave As A Solution To Disability Accommodation

State and federal laws require employers to make reasonable accommodations for employees with a disabling condition. Many employees and their management simply do not understand this, and assume that if an employee cannot work at “100 percent,” they can be let go. This is simply not the case. We are passionate about fighting for the rights of workers who have been denied disability accommodations. The Federal Americans with Disabilities Act and California law both prohibit employers from discriminating against workers with disabilities or medical conditions and also require that employers accommodate or find ways to “work around” those disabilities. The legal analysis involved in a disability accommodation claim is complex and the results can often be surprising. For example, a worker with asthma, allergies or a sensitivity to chemicals can have significant adverse reactions to perfume or other scents in the workplace. We thoroughly work with each client to understand the nature of a disability or medical impairment to protect their right to a discrimination-free workplace.

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