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Hello Jeremy, Morgan,

I wanted to say this at the mediation but wasn't sure if it was the right place.

I watched closely and admired the expert execution of your oral and written arguments and delivery and the incrementally optimized strategy. As you may have surmised, I have a personal interest in and a strong appreciation for logical argumentation. Your work seems like a lot of fun. I would probably enjoy your profession except that I clearly don't have the requisite soft skills to succeed in it.

I am grateful for your years of experience, talent, and commitment to our case. I couldn't have hired a stronger team.

It was truly a pleasure working with you.


Good Morning Jeremy, Hope you and your family are doing well. As you may or may not remember in the Summer of 2020 you helped me tremendously. You literally ultimately changed my life in a positive way which I again, can never thank you enough for. A quick refresh in May 2020 my doctor submitted an ADA request that I must work from home due to anxiety. My company fought against this for several months. After having to go on a medical leave and with your guidance they finally agreed to let me work from home. Because of you, I had a 3-year period I was able to work from home and keep my anxiety managed with no interruptions to my work. I never called in sick or had to go on another medical leave.

Cindy M.

I want to thank you for working with me and helping me retrieve what was rightfully mine. You have been easy and direct and open to work with.

I hope none of my friends have to go through what I did, but in case they need support I will refer them to you for sure.

All the best!

Kind Regards


Jeremy, I just wanted to write to thank you for taking the time to chat with me, review an email to my employer, and answer the questions I had.  As a mom with a toddler and newborn in the midst of a reorg, where my family's health insurance is dependent on me it was a stressful and worrisome situation.  Thank you again for taking the time and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year! 

J. Ae

I just received this email from [my employer's] HR! It looks like I'm going back. Wow, this is pretty amazing but I think [the employer] knows they messed up. I'm happy with the result but I have to admit that I really wanted to sue [the employer]. They have done terrible things to so many coworkers. 

Bridget M.

I received my check this week and just wanted to thank you both for all your help – I couldn’t have done it without you. 

While I will happily continue referring you, I hope I’ll not be in another situation where I need your help again.


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for the help you have given me with my correspondence to [***]. 

Your analytical skills and knowledge have helped guide me in the proper direction. Thank you again for your help.

P.S. Hope you are a S.F. Giants Fan.

I am very grateful that you have connected me to Ashlee, and supported me thus far in this case. After reading the paperwork submitted (although the legal terminology is foreign to me), I feel a sense of relief that someone (actually two of you) has stood up for me...

Tanya R.

I’m unsure of what holiday you and your family celebrate, but either way, you must know that you represent what the holiday season is all about – faith, hope, and joy. You have given me so much and asked for absolutely nothing in return – you gave me hope with my job when I felt there ...

Sarah A.

I am emailing to say thank you again for taking a chance on me and for all of your hard work towards my case. As a result, I was able to move to Vancouver and return to school to study journalism (which is something I always wanted to do).

Lisa T.

I cannot thank you enough for your help. I am extremely relieved to see closure to this, and I feel like I can finally move on from the bad experience. 

Please have a wonderful holiday weekend.


Thank you for taking a chance on me and for putting so much consideration, hard work, and effort toward my case. 2016 was a rough year but less so since I had you two as my attorneys who taught me the importance of speaking up for myself and seeking justice when necessary. Again, thank you for everything.


I want to thank you for your and Deanna’s hard work on my case as well as being patient and explaining the legal process to me as I have never gone through this experience before. Thank you for making it easier on me and preparing me in every step of the process for what to expect.


I received your extensive and in depth letter dated May 5, 2017 with a plethora of information, which can assist me in making sound decisions regarding my legal rights relating to EEOC, DFEH and other agencies. “Thank you” are not large enough words to express my sincere gratitude for the time taken by Attny.

Belinda C.

It’s been over a year since your help, Louise was successful in her struggle to rest her severance payment from. We have not forgotten your generosity and encouragement; your advice was crucial in securing that outcome.

Dan & Louise

Thank you Jeremy, All for your expert support over the year.

Truly grateful to you guys. Wishing you a happy festive season ahead.


Now that my case is over, I can thank you for all you did for me. When no one else listened, you did. You hung in there despite how long my case took. You’re a great guy and a great attorney. Without you, **** would have gotten away with very harsh discrimination. I thank you for everything and for taking on **** with me. God bless!


No matter what I’m dealing with my employer, I ALWAYS feel better knowing you’re watching my back.
Thank you. Seriously. No words truly capture the feeling of bases covered when dealing with lunatics.
Especially as the sole supporter for family finances.


I just got home and received my check !!! I’m happy and relieved this incident is behind us and done with it!! I wanted to tell you I appreciated your honesty and professionalism. You were always up front with Kevin and I. It was a pleasure. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

David G.

You really are doing an outstanding job. I sincerely thank you for your effort and time and keeping me posted. Thanks again for taking them on for me. You are a terrific man…

Ritch M.

Thanks for all your help this year! I had a strong finish . . . and couldn’t have done it without you. Happy new year to you and your family!

Tami W.

I have received your correspondence. I am really satisfied with the outcome of the case and the manner in which you handled every aspect. You were very helpful and quick to address the questions that I had. Thank you, Jeremy. Great job.

Miguel I.

This guy is the lawyer you want. I was not represented, but Jeremy helped me sort out a terrible legal issue I was having at work and he was fantastic with me. He understood my problem, walked me through all my options, he spent the time to really understand the nuances.

Tim H.

I cannot recommend Jeremy highly enough. He is ethical, honest, and straight-forward, qualities that do not come easily to many other attornies.

WhoIsl T.

Jeremy Pasternak is everything you would want in an employee attorney–super smart, very experienced, responsive, a creative and knowledgeable legal thinker and generous with his time. In a 35-minute complimentary consultation, he immediately delved to the heart of my case, devised intelligent strategy,

Bonnie K.

I recently went through a situation where I needed the advice of an Employment Law Attorney and Jeremy Pasternak’s name was given to me by a lawyer friend of mine. I called and left a message with the details of my situation. Mr. Pasternak called me back promptly, and he was able to guide me in the right direction...

Lyla R.

Jeremy Pasternak is corporate council for the company I work for. Mr. Pasternak has handled numerous confidential matters with the utmost expertise and success every time we have worked with him. Additionally, he is responsive in a very timely manner when you need to get a hold of him.

Kim A.

Although Mr. Pasternak has not represented me, I called him for legal advice. From our phone conversation, I got the impression that this man seems like a total legal badass who really knows his profession. Mr. Pasternak was very clear, assertive, and relatable. He was straightforward and...

Kat V.

I wasn’t represented by Mr.Pasternak but he did give me great legal advice! Very honest and straight forward. If ever in the future I need to be represented, I’m definitely calling him.

Alejandra M.

I recently needed to seek legal assistance regarding an ongoing unemployment case and was transferred to Jeremy Pasternak. At first I was very taken aback by his blunt and seemingly abrasive attitude, but quickly realized he was trying to get down to hard core facts and the root of the matter.

Tamara B.

Jeremy Pasternak has been working on my case for over a year now and so far it has been an good experience. He works efficiently and follows through with any and all legal matters…It’s rare to meet somebody and immediately know they truly have your best interests at heart.

Aqsa S.

Mr. Pasternak is currently helping me with a legal problem I am having and he has been excellent. He promptly answers my questions, carefully explains the strategy, and takes aggressive action to resolve this issue. I would highly recommend Mr. Pasternak...

Michelle B.

I encountered Jeremy Pasternak in the course of an employment issue. He impressed me with his professionalism and efficiency. He was quick to get clarification on points where he did not have all the information, and equally quick to explain the legal issues involved in layman’s terms.

John D.

Thank you for the update and I really think you did a great job. You did as you promised from day one. Most importantly, you were stern from the beginning and made them realize that they made a big mistake. Thank you.

Miguel I.


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