The majority of our individual clients do not pay us “up front,” but are represented on a contingency (percentage) basis. There is a simple reason for this: most of our individual clients have lost their jobs. That is why they came to see us in the first instance, and they are in no position to pay us by the hour. Similarly, and in this respect we differ from common practice, we often advance the out-of-pocket costs of litigation. Particularly in complex cases, these costs can be substantial.

We are committed to the prospect that those who seek justice – and compensation – for the wrongs that have been done to them should not be limited by the fact they are not in a position to pay a lawyer an hourly fee.

This commitment benefits our hourly clients as well. Our training is to work efficiently and sensibly. We work hard but we work “smart” as well. Ninety-five percent of what we do we have done before in one form or another. We know what works and what doesn’t.

We are proud of the following remark made by one of our long-time corporate clients: “You guys always get it done twice as fast and for half as much.”

With that goal in mind, we have a practice of providing free initial consultations to both contingency-fee and hourly clients.