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State and federal laws provide workers and executives in California with important employment rights. Nevertheless, many businesses directly violate or try to circumvent these laws at the expense of their employees. The primary focus of our law firm is to help employees, professionals and executives at all levels solve employment law problems. Whether you need advice about how to approach your employer, solid guidance in negotiating an employment contract or are facing an employment law dispute such as wrongful termination, the Law Offices of Jeremy Pasternak brings over 25 years of experience in employment law matters to bear. 

The laws that protect employees protect all employees, regardless of company practices or hierarchies. State and federal employee rights laws apply equally to all workers. Our sole focus is aimed at providing exceptional representation to help our employee-clients ensure that their rights are vindicated.
  • Pregnancy, Family And Medical Leave

    Juggling schedules with work and family responsibilities is difficult under most circumstances. But, being told that you have to choose between keeping your job and attending to a personal or family medical emergency can be daunting.
  • Workplace 

    Harassment in the workplace can adversely affect every aspect of a victim’s life. If you believe your employer is engaging in unlawful conduct or allowing a hostile work environment to go unchecked, we can guide you through the steps you need to take to vindicate your rights.
  • Disability 

    As an employee, you have the right to be free from discrimination in the workplace. You also have the right to an accommodation for your disability. When employers refuse to work with you to provide a reasonable accommodation, they are discriminating against you and breaking the law.
  • Executive 

    High-level employees frequently rely on employment contracts to define rights, obligations, and noncompete agreements. However, a business or employer may try to deny bonuses or commissions based upon the language in an executive contract.  We stand up for the rights of executives in all manners of employment law concerns.
  • Wage Disputes

    Whether you earn minimum wage or have an executive employment contract, you are entitled to receive full and fair compensation for the work you perform. Unfortunately, some companies and managers try to control their costs at the expense of workers. If your boss refuses to pay you the full amount you are due, that is wage theft.
  • Misclassification

    When an employer calls someone an independent contractor and that person really is an employee, we call it “mis-classification.” The law defines who is and is not an “employee.” An employer cannot simply make somebody an independent contractor by calling them one.

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Solving California Employment Law Problems For Over 25 Years

Our attorneys are problem solvers. We draw on substantial experience to evaluate your unique issue and craft the best solution to meet your goals. Whether you are working in your first job or are a senior executive, you have the right to work in an environment free from workplace discrimination or workplace harassment. We guide clients through these difficult problems to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. 

All workers have the right to get paid for their hard work. Hourly workers with wage and compensation disputes deserve to be paid for every minute they have worked, whether the employer recognizes the clock or not. Executive employment contracts can be complex. We have deep knowledge of the wide range of executive compensation packages and restrictive covenants to solve problems executives face in employment law contracts and disputes.



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We are passionate about protecting workers across the spectrum of protected leave-of-absence concerns, including pregnancy leave, job-protected leave for family and medical emergencies, as well as protected leave to accommodate a disability.

As a full-service employment law firm, we can guide you and protect your rights in raising a whistleblower or qui tam claim if you have information that your employer has engaged in unlawful conduct. We have substantial experience providing aggressive representation for workers throughout the Bay Area who have been wrongfully terminated or suffered other adverse employment actions due to the unlawful retaliation of an employer.


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