California Pay Transparency Requirements Expand in 2023

San Francisco has recently become one of the most protected areas in the United States for employee rights. With the passage of a new pay equity bill, employees can expect compensation discrimination to suffer a blow. Learn more about the new law protecting employee rights and find out how an employment lawyer can help workers […]
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Learn If Your Noncompete Is Enforceable In California

More and more California businesses are requiring executives and other workers to sign a variety of contract clauses to protect the interests of the business. Among the types of common pacts are noncompete, confidentiality and severance agreements. Technology companies and intellectual property businesses in Silicon Valley frequently require a worker to sign a noncompete clause. […]
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Employee Background Checks in California: Know Your Rights

Most job applicants find that when looking for a new job, one condition may be a background check. Background checks don't only apply at the initial time of hiring. They may also be required periodically as a condition to maintain employment. There are many reasons why an employer may subject potential hires and employees alike […]
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California Workplace Vaccine Requirements and Your Rights

Social distancing and capacity limits have lifted, making the COVID-19 pandemic seem like something of the past. But, as employees return to work, many without masks, employees may be faced with a lingering concern – whether an employer can mandate COVID-19 vaccines. Whichever side of the vaccination coin you prefer, it's critical to know your […]
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