When to Consider Hiring an Employment Attorney

In cases of discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination, an employment lawyer can offer assistance to employees. Attorneys can also shed light on employees' rights and help ensure they are protected or help them seek justice in cases where they have been violated. An employment lawyer aids employers by drafting employee handbooks and policies and […]
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Retaliation and Challenges California Whistleblowers Face

In California, a whistleblower is considered an individual who reports an employer's violations of the law, regulations, policies, or rights or bears witness to other illegal conduct that creates unsafe working environments or conditions for employees or exposes the public to danger. However, coming forward as a whistleblower is not always without burdens or challenges. […]
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Title IX Changes Again: How are Employee Protections Affected in California?

Education Amendment of 1972, widely known as Title IX, is a federal civil rights law now celebrating 50 years since its enactment. Title IX protects employees, and students alike, in educational settings from being discriminated against based on their gender, including forms of sexual harassment. Title IX has recently undergone many modifications that may affect […]
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HB 331: Employers' Separation and Settlement Agreements with Employees

California has experienced an influx of legislation designed to protect employees who enter separation and settlement agreements with employers and those facing nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) at work. As an employee in the Golden State, you should familiarize yourself with new and amended laws impacting your workplace. One such law is Senate Bill 331, signed by […]
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